"Taking it one date at a time"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Taking it one date at a time....

I was introduced to a guy through a mutual male friend that I worked with. Magically, this guy acquired my phone number and called me numerous times to ask me out. He seemed perfectly harmless, and was very good looking. Besides, would my friend give my # to a weirdo? The answer is yes! He came to my house 30 minutes late and suggested we take my car because his was full of trash. I had to follow him to his house. Then, he took me to a high school football game where he got in line in front of me and paid for ONE ticket. (keep in mind we were both well into our 20‘s and neither of us even attended this school) After the game, he insisted we eat at Burger King (class–eee) even after I told him I don‘t eat meat, where you guessed it........he got in line first and purchased his own meal. He filled the evening with uncomfortable information about his family problems. I was mortified! On our way home, we stopped at a red light and he said, "Oh, I almost forgot. I have a surprise for you. You‘re going to love it." I look over, and this guy has his dick out! There it is, at full attention! And trust me, it was nothing to be proud of!!! It didn‘t even compare with the game or Burger King. hahaha. Needless to say, I will never see him again.....and don‘t know how he got home last night after I kicked his ass out of my car at the light. Thanks again James for fixing us up.