"Taking it one date at a time"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 10 Funniest Profile Headers

I was just browsing one of the dating sites I'm a member of ( yes I still like Cowboy, but Iam single after all )and found some funny profile taglines.....

1) Feel free to interact with me. All my shots are current!
2) You must be over 5’10” to read this profile.
3) I bathe every day!
4) Shopping for Girls – And They Said There Was No Such Store!
5) Since light travels faster than sound, is that why some people appear bright until they speak?
6) I'm like poop. The older I get the easier I am to pick up!
7) Willing to lie about how we met!
8)Finding a good man is like nailing Jello to a tree!
9)Very sexy... with the right backlighting.
10)Willing to share the remote!