"Taking it one date at a time"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One...Two...Peek-a-Boo !

I just had to share this with you all....

It was such a beautiful day when I woke up this morning (my day off) the sun was shining, birds singing and I decided it would be a great day to head out , hit Starbucks and go pick out a fabulous new outfit for my date with Cowboy this weekend. Well I threw on a cute pair of shorts and this new top I had picked up a few weeks ago and headed out for the day. I had to pick up some cash and I hate standing in line at the bank, so I decided to stop at the atm at the mall. As I walked up to the atm a few people walked past me and smiled, so I said hello and smiled back. I noticed a group of men standing about 10 ft away and smiled. As I entered my numbers into the atm, I glanced up to see that they were all still standing there staring and smiling at me. I thought "wow, I sure picked the right outfit for today" and gave them my signature smile/eyebrow arch combo, and a little wave. As I brought my hand back down I caught a glimpse of my shirt, which was wide open and only the bottom button was done up! I bet you all would guess that they saw my bra but you would be wrong. I decided it was too hot for a bra today! I had been walking around totally exposing myself, smiling and saying hello to everyone that had walked past me! I quickly buttoned up my shirt, grabbed my cash and ran out of there. Needless to say I went to a different mall !