"Taking it one date at a time"

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Was I Thinking ?

I was kind of bored last weekend ( thinking about Cowboy )and I met this guy, we'll call him Bart, in a theater chat room. I was feeling impulsive, so I agreed to meet him at a local second-run movie theater for a date, even though I knew very little about him. I figured since he likes theater, he must have something going on upstairs, right? No nelly, I couldn't have been more wrong! First, he showed up a half-hour late. This was not a good start. Then, during the course of the movie, I swear I saw him twitch. Not just shift in his seat, but some sort of spasmodic jerk. It was odd, but he didn't go into convulsions or anything, so I figured he was OK. Then about ten minutes later, it happened again. Now, I don't want to seem cruel, because it's possible he had some sort of nerve problem, but I became strangely fascinated. Instead of watching the god-awful movie, I started watching him out of the corner of my eye. That's when I saw him PICK HIS NOSE. EWWWWW! I was torn between ditching him right then or hanging on 'til the bitter end so I would have a better story. I decided to stay, and was rewarded for my perseverance by being presented with a half eaten Twix chocolate bar on our way out of the theater! Bart had seen it sitting abandoned on a seat and scooped it up. I give him some credit for being a gentleman - he did at least offer it to me first. When I declined, he shrugged and put it in his pocket. In the parking lot he invited me to a "really nice restaurant" he knew of down the street. I knew the area pretty well, and couldn't think of anything I would describe as a "nice restaurant." Of course I said no. At this point, he became angry; accused me of thinking I was better than him, etc. (which was pretty accurate, I admit). I just got in my car and left. What was I thinking ? Oh well I will see Cowboy in a few days.........